Photos: The return of dot-com fever

Photos: The return of dot-com fever

Summary: Once more into the breach...

TOPICS: Networking

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  • Crowded house: Organiser Judith Clegg told she was shocked at the turnout as the crowds continued to pour through the door. "We're going to need a bigger venue next time," she said.

    Clegg and co-founder of Second Chance Tuesday, Michael Smith, footed the bill for the event themselves having declined sponsorship from a number of financiers.

    "The next one will be sponsored," said Clegg. "But we wanted to keep this one fairly clean."

    Photo: Will Sturgeon

  • A job well done: The founders of Second Chance Tuesday, Michael Smith and Judith Clegg take a breather from the networking and chaos of getting everybody into the venue.

    Photo: Will Sturgeon

Topic: Networking

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