Photos: The Tate Modern's online overhaul

Photos: The Tate Modern's online overhaul

Summary: Art appreciation goes high tech...

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  • Art appreciation goes high tech...

    Visitors to the Tate Modern on London's South Bank will now be able to get a virtual peek at the gallery's art before even setting foot inside, through its famous Turbine Hall.

    To complement the major rehang the Tate has recently completed, it has overhauled its online presence, offering new functionality to art lovers and would-be visitors.

    The site, which has been developed with BT, now gets more than one million visitors per month.

    Photo credit: Jo Best

  • Tate Modern's revamped site now boasts a virtual tour to let new visitors plan their route through the gallery, floor by floor, according to which art works they'd like to see.

    The collection is also broken down by period and year in a timeline which shows how each work fits into the historical climate in which it was produced.

    Photo credit: Tate Modern

  • The same functionality will also be available on touch screens throughout the museum, to help the art-bewildered get the most out of their trip.

    Photo credit: Jo Best

Topic: Networking

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