Photos: The technology mile of Islington

Photos: The technology mile of Islington

Summary: On wireless walkabout in the London borough

TOPICS: Tech Industry

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  • Meet Naveed and owner of the shop, Engin Echref, who plans to install a high-tech till system that will email customers when their clothes have been cleaned...

    Photo: Dan Ilett

  • The CCTV cameras will mean Engin can monitor the shop when he's not there. He says: "The cameras are high resolution and I can log on anywhere. If I get a call at 3am I can zoom in and pin point something in real time, plus the images are stored externally."

    Photo: Dan Ilett

  • Now meet Thor -'s guinea pig for the wireless service. This café is just outside the town hall, so reception should be pretty good. Alas, it is not.

    Photo: Dan Ilett

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Topic: Tech Industry

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