Photos: The world's weirdest datacentres

Photos: The world's weirdest datacentres

Summary: From Antarctic computing centres to former churches, we look at some of the most unusual datacentres around the world.


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  • Beneath this Orthodox Christian cathedral in Helsinki is a datacentre designed to pipe heat to nearby homes.

    The datacentre is located in a former WWII bunker carved into the rock below Uspenski Cathedral.

    Heat from the hundreds of computer servers in the datacentre is captured and transferred to water-filled pipes and then used to heat homes in the Finnish capital.

    The amount of heat transferred should be enough to heat about 500 homes.

    The energy usage of the datacentre, used by IT services firm Academica, is designed to be half that of a typical datacentre.

    Photo: Jrielaecher

  • This facility combines a datacentre with an arboretum that is used to grow plants to study climate change.

    The Condorcet datacentre in Paris, France is designed to be energy efficient and uses waste energy to heat the arboretum.

    Compared with a standard datacentre, Condorcet should reduce power consumption by 28 million kWh, which equates to 2,500 tonnes of CO2 per year.

    The arboretum is designed to create climatic conditions similar to those predicted for France by 2050.

    Photo: Telecity

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