Photos: Which of these smartwatches will you be wearing this year?

Photos: Which of these smartwatches will you be wearing this year?

Summary: Motorola and LG have shown off their smartwatch designs with other tech companies and fashion brands working on projects too. So would you wear one?


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  • Google has joined the ranks of tech companies hoping to stimulate the smartwatch market. The company this week unveiled its operating system for wearable technology, Android Wear, and revealed that the first hardware running it will be available later this year.

    This is LG's Android Wear-powered device, the LG G Watch, which is expected to launch sometime in the second quarter of this year.

    Image: LG

  • Here's Motorola's Moto 360, which the company said will be available this summer. The watch is voice controlled, using Google Now — the wearer can say "OK Google" to ask questions, send a text or set an alarm.

    Image: Motorola

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  • "So would you wear one?"

    • "So would you wear one?"

      Nope. Haven't worn a watch since I was a kid.
    • Would I?

      Yes, in the proper setting.
      A watch like some shown, would be a far better option than pulling out a phone in the middle of a dinner / event / ball / etc .....
      Still, the models so far have far to go IMHO.
      • Why?

        ... pulling out a phone in the middle of a dinner / event / ball / etc ...

        The idea is to NOT use ANY phone/device during these events.
        If the end of the world comes while you're there, knowing it won't make any difference.
  • Oh Steve, please get a grip!

    "the race may only really begin if Apple decides to join in"

    Please! You let journalism down, you let ZDNet down, but most of all you let yourself down.

    Apple does not get to define each and every avenue of technology. You may or may not have noticed, but people are already buying smartwatches and will continue to do so - regardless of what Apple do or do not bring to market (and tardy-to-the-party with it!).

    You miss out the best selling device of the last 18 months, the Pebble. But of your selection both the LG and the Motorola do seem to have some merit. Certainly Motorola do well in Google's promotional videos. For my money, Samsung's offering is strangely dead-in-the-water. They've missed the point (again) with version two and now it's running a proprietary O/S they're effectively killing the app market. Own goal there I think.
    • Somehow I Think Apple will .....

      Bring forth an eye-candy device that does 67% of what I want, 67% of what Apple thinks I want, and 33% of things that will just irritate the crappola out of me.
    • Couldn't agree more

      It's surprising that a tech journalist seemingly knows so little. I find your comment much more enlightening than the actual story.

      I agree with your assessment of Samsung's position and wonder if they will be able to backtrack and put Android on their watches.

      Also, no matter how good the Apple product is, it can only ever get 10% of the market because it's never going to work with Android phones. As such it can't define the market as it will only ever be a niche product. Google with a single stroke has just written the rules of how smartphones will work, squarely put Samsung in its place and Apple simply doesn't matter.
    • Correction - Tizen is not Proprietary

      Tizen (on which the Gear 2 was built and the original Gear is being updated to) is anything but proprietary. Samsung's choice I believe was rooted in the fact that up to now, Android has done little to prepare itself for these types of device. Tizen was an easy choice that has an existing developer following. The only thing proprietary about the whole deal is the consumer-provider relationship.
      intechpc (GPEN, CISM, CEH, ECSA)
  • Nope

    I stopped wearing a watch the day I had my first cell phone which gave me the time. I never liked to wear watches and jewelry, always found that really annoying to have something touching me which was not clothing.

    Watches bracelets: plastic and leather ones makes me sweat, metal ones pinched my arm's hair.

    No thanks, unless maybe in pocket watch format... no... that's basically my smartphone.
  • None of the above.

    I have a pocket watch (metaphorically speaking), why would I want both a pocket watch and wrist watch?
    • Because it is much more than a watch

      If all it did was tell time, I would agree.
      • but it is also much less

        needs to recharge - this one is very important
        not water resistant
        not impact resistant
        I do not see any ladies versions, only men's
  • I only wear a watch...

    As a fashion accessory now a days. If I'm going out someplace nice, I'll throw on the Movado, otherwise... I'm using my smartphone.
  • No Pebble????

    How can you write an article on smartwatches and NOT include the Pebble? It may not be one of the "big players", but it is selling better than most them (over100,000 sold already) and works with both Android and iPhone.

    It has a rich app ecosystem, with large business tie-ins/partnerships such as; eBay, Evernote, Time Warner Cable, Mercedes-Benz, Yelp, and Foursquare!.

    Also, it is available to buy in high street stores now, as well as on the web from their website and other large online retailers.

    Disclaimer: I am not associated with Pebble other than being a fan and owning one :)
    • Pebble is the base model...

      That I think new watches will go off of. The problem with Pebble is that it is not quite fashionable enough to justify as a watch with cool features. I think once a smartwatch comes out that looks like a watch you might buy anyway for $200-$400 dollars AND it has cool features that come with a smartwatch is when they will start selling.

      I think the watch industry is big enough that you have to target the people who already love wearing a watch, whether as an accessory/ fashion, or people who just like having them on their wrist. Why wouldnt you buy a watch that looks great and doubles as cutting edge technology?
      • $200-$400

        for what is basically $10 worth of technology. I don't think so.

        The problem with smartwatches is that they don't have the durability and longevity of a real watch and they don't pack enough USP to make them an essential buy.

        You can buy a quality watch that'll last you over 20 years for $400 ... two years at most and your smartwatch is going to be almost useless ... and totally useless if it's made by Apple.

        At the moment they're simply toys for people with too much money and they'll remain that way until they become the phone.
    • Pebble and more!

      Hi rauvinUK - this piece wasn't meant to be an exhaustive survey of smartwatches but a look at the new contenders. For a better look at all the big players (yes of course including the Pebble!) and a bit of the odd history of smartwatches check out the full gallery here
      Thanks for commenting.
  • Why

    wear a watch to show a snippet of an email? that same email my phone buzzed me about that i have to pull out the phone anyway to look at it? Or use it to answer a phone in speaker mode? Still havent seen a reason to buy a watch that gives me lesser capabilities than the phone i already own

    Smart phones, blue tooth, google glass, now watches.


    I own none of those nor will I ever, ok maybe a pay as you go phone to view photos when out and board.
    • There are two of us?

      I'm not a Luddite, but I have no use for any of the "devices" you mentioned either.
      I do own a cell phone, and it even has a camera.
      Life is Good.