10 apps for the iPad not to be overlooked

10 apps for the iPad not to be overlooked

Summary: These apps may not be the most well-known, but they shouldn't be overlooked by iPad owners.

TOPICS: iPad, Apps, Mobility

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  • The iPad is perfectly at home in the kitchen, and budding chefs need to check out this app. It presents recipes using an nice format, and even offers video showing exactly how to prepare each recipe.

    The app comes with a set of recipes, and more can be purchased inside the app. 

    Given the size of apps with lots of video, this one intelligently leaves them out of the app. You simply click the download button if you wish to watch the video for a recipe.

    Appetites -- Free

  • The Post-It has become a part of our culture, and this app brings a digital version to the iPad.  The user takes simple notes which are stuck on the app's screen as a reminder. The font and note color is configurable, which is useful for leaving a bunch of notes on the iPad.

    This simple app is useful for leaving the iPad standing next to the computer with all of the notes on display. Finally you can stop sticking sticky notes all over your computer monitor.

    Sticky Notes -- Free

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Topics: iPad, Apps, Mobility

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  • Here is the list

    In case you don't want to go through this annoying, forever-clicking format:

    Total War Battles - $6.99
    Snapseed - $4.99
    MagicPlan - Free
    TouchTV - Free
    Hotels.com HD - Free
    Team Stream HD - Free
    News.me - Free
    iTunes Movie Trailers - Free
    Appetites - Free
    Sticky Notes - Free
    • iPad Apps

      Thank you, Samic for saving me a lot of time which otherwise would have been wasted. The slideshows and videos that are used to "inform" us take much longer to watch than to read the same information. Plus these forms do not allow us to copy a page and save it for reference at a later date.
    • awful one page, one app format

      So...why doesn't cnet CHANGE the way they do this, since there are folks who don't like it? Make a clickable list on the first page, so you can just jump to which app, or whatever you want. Make it easy people.
      • Ad Sales

        Every page you click through is another ad or 2 served to your screen. Start paying attention to every site you go to for "news" they are all geared towards getting you to click through as many screens as possible.

        In Washington DC, WTOP radio used to be a good news source, now their radio broadcast is made up of 1 or 2 minute blog snippets that really just tease a story and they all end with someone saying "For more info visit our Website and search for keyword <whatever>" so they sell ads on the radio that really just drive you to a website that is so poorly organized that you have to click through 4 or 5 pages to NOT find the story you wanted to hear.

        toe cutter
  • terrible selection to me and annoying as hell to find out about each

    If this is the way cnet wants to present possible apps..they will turn off more than they will attract...I nearly fell asleep reading about this drivel..Perhaps the author likes these useless apps but the way they are slowly presented..spare me..
    • I second you, nfiertel

      CNET's slideshow-like presentations are going to shun away casual onlookers, yet frustrates serious readers. Lay them all out, why not? Are you getting lots of read counts in these slideshow articles, CNET?
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  • You're kidding, right?

    Just a further illustration of the uselessness of the iPad. What a waste of time if these are the most important apps you can come up with.
    • Have to Agree

      You'd think out of 10 there would be a least ONE worth taking a second look at. Not in this list.
    • iPad is useless?

      Just by making that statement you have shown that you are too close minded to figure out how to make a device useful and didn't even read the title or are just a small minded hater. The title stated they were apps not to overlook, not must have most important apps. I personally don't have a use for most if not all of them but that doesn't mean my iPad is useless.
  • LifeTopix (Complete Personal Organization App)

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  • I liked the information.

    I found at least 3 apps I may use. Keep it coming Cnet.
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  • No more apple

    Why would I get the iTunes trailer app when every TV provider around is offering streaming capability, WITH associated apps? Seems like a big waste of time and space.
    James Keenan
  • virtual desktop

    Mine would be ThinServer XP for virtual desktop