20 Windows Phone apps for business (gallery)

20 Windows Phone apps for business (gallery)

Summary: According to recent figures Apple has 10 times more apps than Microsoft but that doesn't mean Windows Phone users don't have a lot to choose from.


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  • Microsoft recently announced its Windows Phone Marketplace app store had passed the 50,000 apps mark. It's still a way behind Apple's 500,000+ iOS apps but WinPho apps are no longer rarer than hen's teeth.

    Natasha Lomas of Silicon.com has taken a look at Marketplace's wares and rounded up 20 business-friendly apps from Microsoft's Windows Phone smartphone platform.

    App: WP Shortcut Tiles:

    Here's an app that does what it says on the package - it allows users to place handy shortcuts to their homescreen for easy access, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings.

    Price: Free

    Image: Marketplace

  • Another app focused on pushing info to your Windows Phone's homescreen is the Live Calendar app. This lets users create monthly or weekly calendar Live Tiles. The tiles then automatically update, based on the background task in the calendar.

    Price: Free

    Image: Marketplace

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  • RE: 20 Windows Phone apps for business (gallery)

    I really appreciate this post and find the suggestions very usefull. I also appreciate you extending the list to 20, but I have one simple request: could you please correct/clarify the QR code entry. It does not specify the app name so I am searching blindly throughout the marketplace. THANKS!
  • RE: 20 Windows Phone apps for business (gallery)

    Also, WP7 marketplace passed 60,000 apps in January '12.