Apple's sneaky iTunes 8 install

Apple's sneaky iTunes 8 install

Summary: When you update to iTunes 8 on Windows, you may get more than you bargained for, including a Blue Screen of Death. Why? Because it's actually installing five separate programs, plus three system services and a new device driver. All without disclosure or consent. One of those files, it turns out, is a device driver that has been known to cause system crashes.

TOPICS: Mobility, Apple, Hardware

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    By Ed Bott

    The description shown in Apple Software Update says this is an update to iTunes and QuickTime, it doesn't mention any additional software, services, or drivers. But it turns out that the full package offers much, much more than it discloses, including the potential for Windows crashes.

    For a more detailed discussion of this issue, see An inside look at Apple's sneaky iTunes 8 upgrade.

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    Nothing in this license agreement mentions additional software, services, or drivers. In fact, the revision code at the end of the full agreement is EA0367Rev 10/26/07, indicating that the license agreement has not been updated in almost a year.

    For a more detailed discussion of this issue, see An inside look at Apple's sneaky iTunes 8 upgrade.

Topics: Mobility, Apple, Hardware

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  • Apple Sneaky???

    How can this be? Apple? The greatest supplier of software "that just works" in the world. Shows me Apple is no different than Microsoft. I have always thought it underhanded that you agree to install X and as a "courtesy" they (Both Apple and Microsoft) install other "helpful" software that they know you can't live without.
  • RE: Could this be the problem driver? (Apple's sneaky iTunes 8 install)

    Sounds as if Apple is going down the same slimy road as Microsoft. Every day, I say a prayer of thanks that Bill Gates doesn't make airplanes! I installed a Rhapsody "update" that thoroughly messed up my PC, and in addition, made songs I had uploaded from purchased CDs unavailable. So I dropped my Rhapsody subscription. I was thinking of getting a Mac, but am now re-thinking. After the Rhapsody experience, I say "no" to any new software. It's a jungle out there.
  • RE: Could this be the problem driver? (Apple's sneaky iTunes 8 install)

    That's why people need linux!
    Unemployed IT Guy
  • iTunes and Quicktime Abuse

    I started having problems with these programs a while ago. First they stopped allowing one without the other. Then they started with the auto updates.. which would occasionally try to install new programs (Safari) I didn't ask for.. Then all my picture and movies file associations were changed without my permission. When I put them back the way I like them, they kept reverting back. I finally removed both programs, but the auto update stayed behind and kept trying to reinstall them until I removed it, too. Now I just use Quicktime Alternative. I'm otherwise happy with Apple, but there is something seriously wrong with these products and how they're handled.
  • RE: Could this be the problem driver? (Apple's sneaky iTunes 8 install)

    Apple have been doing this for years. Where's the news?
    • Yeah but this time...

      Yeah they have been doing it for years but this time, they really stuck their 15 fingers and toes too far up other people's computers that it caused the dreaded BSOD.

      They should be open enough to allow you an informed consent to their "raping" your computer.
  • RE: Could this be the problem driver? (Apple's sneaky iTunes 8 install)

    Picking and sorting software on both platforms
    has been a reality for over 20 years. After a while,
    you get it and all the added fluff gets tossed. Up
    to that time, you're a victim who must chew your
    fingernails in the dark while listening to the hard
    drive go on and on for way too long. Poor baby.
  • RE: Could this be the problem driver? (Apple's sneaky iTunes 8 install)

    Which is why I don't let Apple upgrade anything on my system. Not even its QuickTime... When I need it, I'll do the upgrade myself. And that goes ditto for Microsoft.
  • RE: Could this be the problem driver? (Apple's sneaky iTunes 8 install)

    All the bits you showed us are a part of iTunes. They were there with 7, too. Just becuase they are listed separatly does not mean they are sneaky installs. It just makes managment of the application easier, as they see it, to have those parts sparate. The MobileMe bits are new, and I was distictly asked to install this as it was a separate check box. So I don't know what you are talking about.
  • Why would you need "permission"?

    >Again, nothing in the documentation disclosed or asked >for permission to install a device driver.

    iTunes has always had device drivers. It is installing iTunes that helps Windows recognize iPods/iPhones. You agreed to installing iTunes, right? So there you go, you consented. Nobody forced you to install iTunes. You chose to. iTunes is free. If you don't like it, don't use it.

    Your complaint about some people not even having mobile devices and yet having MobileMe and the USB driver installed is like saying "I installed MS Office and it installed all these files to print files, BUT I DON'T EVEN HAVE A PRINTER!!! And without my consent!!!!"

    The other aspect of this is that while some people are experiencing problems there are thousands others that installed the update and have no problems (albeit, on XP, not Vista). I've installed it on 3 XP machines and have yet to see a problem.
    • Amen! (NT)

    • plus 1

      The author needs a perspective shift.
  • RE: Why would you need "permission"?

    Now you've done it arodriguez! You'll be called an Apple
  • Apple and a sneaky install

    i have said it before, and it is worth repeating:

    [b]Apple is ROTTEN to the core!!!![/b]

    There, i said it!

    Like a previous poster, I do [b]ALL[/b] updates manually including those from M$.
  • RE: Could this be the problem driver? (Apple's sneaky iTunes 8 install)

    If Microsoft OSes weren't so bloated and fragile already, this would be a complete non-issue. Unfortunately, Windows is bloated and fragile and on some systems, moreso than others. I installed the version 8 update, no problems so far (XP SP3) though I'm sure something will crop up as Microsoft keeps sending out updates that break something every other day.
  • apple's Plan

    Crash as many systems as possible and try to convince PC users that the PC is a bad choice. Don't use ianything and leave the toasters to the idiots and don't know what it takes to run their systems.
  • RE: Could this be the problem driver? (Apple's sneaky iTunes 8 install)

    genius is not a new program, but part of Itunes.
    Itunes generally has not been a problem. Vista has so many problems. Office cannot handle decent sized documents and crashes regularly. Itunes is the least of my problems. BTw it looks great compared to previous versions
  • Ed, lets be careful here.. they did directly say the software included ...

    I don't mean to pick nits.. but really .. that first screen shot, clearly says Itunes 8 includes "Genius" and the Genius Sidebar .... then the next paragraph says something about browsing visually with the new "Grid" layout.. and then the last line in the picture says something about Itunes 8, Itunes U and *now* being accessible through Window-Eyes 7

    ALL of that seems like its mentioning new features and items.. while not a check box up there .. it does in fact state new things that are included ...

    no.. does it declair directly that if you don't have bonjour it will install it, or that it will also install the mobile devices crap (as someone else pointed out, I don't use it and it WOULD be nice to have options NOT to install that in the first place) but that's outside the box.. we already know apple isn't declairing that.. because they are parts of "Itunes" itself.. (to borrow from microsoft) and that without them the software wouldn't run right.. which I guess you have to argue that you have to install it to then uninstall those parts you don't need. :)

    So... they do mention new stuff... but not to what many of us would consider is a valid extent.
    • Hilarious! are kidding, right?
      Ed Bott
      • My Biggest Beef

        With Bonjour is the fact that (aside from your excellent points in the article) it automatically opens port 5353 in your Windows firewall.

        There have already been several vulnerabilities in Bonjour, namely DNS redirection and denial of service attacks. I really don't need anything opening holes in my firewall without my consent.

        Sure, those of us that are "more informed" probably use something other than just the Windows firewall at home. And hopefully a good perimeter firewall/router...but many don't.

        In addition, imagine the possibilities in a work environment. I know of lots of companies that don't use personal firewalls yet. The perimeter is Fort Knox but the internal is weak at best.