Can convertible tablets give iPad some competition? (images)

Can convertible tablets give iPad some competition? (images)

Summary: With the iPad making a huge splash in the world of tablet PCs, what's going on with its Windows-based competition? Is there any?


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  • The HP Elitebook 2540p is similar to the HP Elitebook 2740p but is does come with an internal DVD drive.

  • The HP TouchSmart tm2 is the consumer version of their convertible notebooks and now comes with Intel's newest Core chips.

  • Dell's Latitde XT2 (review) is a rugged 12-inch convertible that's geared toward business users.

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  • RE: Can convertible tablets give iPad some competition? (images)

    One reason I WON"T be buying one - Intel HD graphics.

    And it's a little pricey, but that will probably change when there's more competition.
  • RE: Can convertible tablets give iPad some competition? (images)

    No. Technically I believe this is a different space and targets a different need. Besides they've been out for a long time and have never really caught on in the enterprise...and even if they did, that's not iPad's target market.

    So in other words this comparison post isn't really contextually correct and could probably be considered link bait. Just sayin'.
    Andrew Goodfellow
  • No

    These types of laptops have been around for awhile. They are good for those willing to spend a premium to get both a laptop and a tablet computer.

    The iPad is different because it's smaller, simpler and easy to use and get applications. It is more closely related to a smartphone than to these computers.
  • What is the next article going to be ?

    Something that says company X's desktop computers are becoming slimmer.. so will that be a replacement for iPad ? Looks like having the word iPad in the title creates more page hits.
  • stylus?

  • RE: Can convertible tablets give iPad some competition? (images)

    No comparison.

    Tablet PCs are fully functional PCs in a particular form factor. The Ipad is a display device.
  • Different Animals

    The iPad is significantly more limited in what it can do than a Windows-based tablet, but for those things it can do it does them better. The iPad is a media consumption device, while a tablet can be used for much more. The tablet is heavier and warmer, but it can play Crysis (and run a million other things the iPad will never be able to).

    @Monkeypox: Many (most?) tablets have touchscreens. You can use a stylus if you choose to, but it's never required. Personally I find the stylus a much better input choice for writing, but if I wanted to use an on-screen, no-stylus-required, virtual keyboard I could. Everything I can do without a stylus on the iPad I can do without a stylus on a tablet.
  • RE: Can convertible tablets give iPad some competition? (images)

    No, its an entirely different space. As an iPad owner as well as a convertible Tablet PC owner, I no longer view them in the same 'use case' space. It would be great to have a dual touch + digitizer on an iPad or similar sized device but it would be cost prohibitive.

    Tablets (like the iPad) have an economic model that doesn't match the Tablet PCs (convertible or slates). The iPad applications tend to be low cost and single purpose (not fully loaded software programs). Tablets are instant on, light-weight, extremely easy to use and a small efficient OS. Simple to use for a lot of purposes. The iPad is more than a media consumption device, but it is not quite the full blown content creation device either. A limitation of the applications currently available, the web applications available and the hardware. Over time it can overcome these limitations.

    My Tablet PCs (Fujitsu T4220 and soon a TH700) are great devices, they can handle pretty much anything, but Windows Vista and Windows 7 aren't compact efficient OSes like iOS, the 4+ lbs is too heavy for constant use and portability, it takes awhile to boot up, the software programs are large, costly, and requires additional drivers, memory, graphics and the overall overhead is much higher. They are great devices but they are never going to replace an iPad in the foreseeable future, unless a manufacturer rethinks the convertible tablet design from scratch.

    I think the iPad and similar devices will have hardware improvements, applications and web applications that will further increase the usefulness of the iPad a greater expansion in client server applications and cloud applications will allow the iPad to become more of an all around device moving up the food chain.
  • Same old!

    If someone was to give me one of these, I would go with the I-Pad. It's new and excitings. The HP is the same old thing. They been around for some time now. I like the power of the HP though, But lets face it, It's an HP! Always problems. Just plain old junk! Plus they won't do anything to make it right with you either. My only grip with Apple is they're greedy!
  • RE: Can convertible tablets give iPad some competition? (images)

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