Ed Bott's 10 Favorite Windows Programs

Ed Bott's 10 Favorite Windows Programs

Summary: Through the years, I've tried a lot of Windows software. This gallery spotlights 10 tools and utilities (many of them completely free) that have passed the test of time. All of them work with Windows XP and Windows Vista. I recommend these programs to anyone who wants to get more out of Windows.


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  • This little free utility does one thing really well: It tracks down product keys for software installed on your machine (not just Windows and Office, as you can see from this list. Save a copy and keep a printout; you'll be glad you did if you ever have to reinstall the program. It also offers the ability to change the Registered Owner and Company name stored in the registry.

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  • The Windows Clipboard holds one and only one clip. ClipMate extends this storage capability to hold a practically unlimited number of clips. You can recall copied material, strip out unwanted formatting, and merge clips.

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  • The secret of success with ClipMate is learning (and, if necessary, customizing) a handful of keyboard shortcuts. For instance, Ctrl Alt C opens the ClipMate window, and Ctrl Alt B strips out all formatting, after which you can paste clean text into any program.

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    I'm not sure if it's the same application, but I believe it is.

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