Essential iPad, iPhone apps for business travel

Essential iPad, iPhone apps for business travel

Summary: Which apps are a must-have for the business traveler?

TOPICS: iPad, Apps, Mobility

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  • Developed by: Time and Date

    Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

    Something so simple, but can cause many issues if you get wrong -- from the time of your next flight to your meeting schedule.

    Users of this free app can look up the timezone from many major cities around the world, and the data is kept up-to-date from online sources.

    You can also choose timezones from 'most viewed' locations, favorites, and whether you prefer to view the time in analog, digital, or text.


    Source: App store

  • Developed by: TripIt

    Compatible with: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

    Available in both free and pro versions, TripIt functions as an aggregated travel organizer.

    It is able to pull information from calendars, email, input from its web server and reservations. To save churning through emails to find your itinerary or flight plan, you can forward it to an email to include it in your digital planner.

    Trip plans can be shared across social media networks, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn so your family, friends and colleagues know your travel plans.

    As an additional option with the professional version, flights can be monitored for alerts to save money on airfare and maintain status updates.

    Source: App store

  • Developed by: Skype

    Compatible with: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

    The Skype iPhone app will have you making calls around the globe with little fuss, and without picking up the bill for high roaming charge.

    It's a free app that uses a WiFi connection to make calls to anyone with a Skype username that you are connected with. In a call, you can swipe from the video call to access messaging, so you can send text through to the person you're talking to, or view their profile.

    If you want to call or text a number outside of Skype, then you can join a subscription service to make cheaper international calls.

    The latest version has been updated for iOS 5.0.

    Be careful of using Skype on any pay-as-you-go Internet connection, as it does (naturally) hog a vast amount of bandwidth.


    Source: App store

Topics: iPad, Apps, Mobility

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  • Skype

    My husband and I both travel a lot. Skype is a life saver. To save my data allowance we often use the audio-only option. On one trip recently I used my 3G to call my husband from Las Vegas to Istanbul every day for a week. We talked 20-40 mins a day using the audio only and I used about 400MB of data. So if one doesn't have to see the other person it can be rather cheap (data-wise).
  • Flight Trackers

    We're constantly picking people up from the airport at my company. Our favorite app is FlightView - it's free and we've found that its almost always more accurate than other apps. The push alerts are great as well - they save a lot of time checking and re-checking flight statuses
  • Wake On Lan

    I use iWakeOnLan to wake my computers when I'm away from my home or office!

    Ya gotta have a router that supports broadcast redirects so the wake on Lan packets get through, but if you got that then your good to go!
  • Apps give me travel salvation!

    In all my travels, keeping track of all the little receipts has always been a pain and a quick way of not being reimbursed. Even if I wrote the information down, I still needed the proof to get my money returned to me. We all know we cannot rack up large corporate credit card bills. When I travel for business for Dish I always use kayak simply because it???s so comprehensive and iXpensIt as my personal accountant keeping track of all my expenses so I???m reimbursed at total value. One of my essential apps that I feel is necessary for that rare time when a missed connection is unavoidable is the dish remote access app. It gives me an opportunity to tap into any of my programming or DVR recordings and watch a good movie to distract myself from the frustration.
  • Fly Delta

    I live near a Delta hub, so many of my flights are on Delta. I absolutely love the Fly Delta app. I allows me to review my itineraries, check flight status, check-in, display my boarding pass, and track my bags. The check-in process is especially great. My phone beeps to remind it's time, I open the app, check in very quickly, and it becomes my boarding pass. Saves time, paper, and hassle. I fly Delta whenever I can BECAUSE of this app. It's great.
  • Virtual Office

    When I am away from my office, I always use Pocket Cloud and ThinServer XP to connect back to my office PC and runs any windows apps as if I'm still sitting infront of my office PC
  • software for entrepreneur

    For entrepreneur who owns a lot of business contacts, software like is very helpful since it can keep all the cards safely forever. is compatible in both Android and Iphone
    Jenny Turner
  • software for entrepreneur

    For entrepreneur who owns a lot of business contacts, software like is very helpful since it can keep all the cards safely forever. is compatible in both Android and Iphone
    Jenny Turner