Favorite Android tablet apps -- Summer 2012

Favorite Android tablet apps -- Summer 2012

Summary: Top 10 Android tablet apps

TOPICS: Apps, Android, Mobility

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  • Google Reader users will find that Newsr is a great app for working with lots of RSS feeds, with full synchronization with Google Reader.

    The three-column display is good on the tablet screen, making it possible to work with hundreds of news items in rapid fashion. It supports all features avalable in the online Google Reader, and has fast execution even with lots of items to process.

    Newsr- Free

  • The great app for iOS is now available for Android. Flipboard is the app that displays news, Twitter, and Facebook in a nice magazine format that is great to use.

    While only available for phones, it displays fine on larger tablets and works well. Note that since it is a phone app it only works in portrait orientation but works fine.

    The latest version of Flipboard may not be compatible with larger tablet displays.

    Flipboard- Free

  • Skype is the standard for audio/video chatting in the business world, and the Android version works well on tablets. Video chatting works very well on Android tablets, with front cameras fully supported with good resolution support.

    I use Skype heavily on my Android tablets, and find it works as well or better as it does on the desktop.

    Skype- Free

Topics: Apps, Android, Mobility

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  • Android Apps

    I've downloaded a couple of these and they work great. I have a Freedom 10C tablet from Android World USA and its fast, great resolution and lots of I/O. It was just $299.99 for a 10 inch Android 4.0 tablet and I bought it with the USB keyboard case that helps with emailing and browsing and protects my tablet. Sure beats paying $500 for the Galaxy or an iPad...
  • selling <stop> and stping it up

    Quarton60 please stop selling - thank you.

    Now on the story...evernote yes of course and aren't the rest obvious (really do you need to be told to get gmail on android?? come to think of it, can you get android without gmail...maybe on cynomod).
    What about a good media player, or a good wifi manager (especially as a good widget) or the best DLNA client...lets step it up a notch guys.
    • Andorid options...

      I'd agree and yes some of these are obvious, but then not everyone has used Android as long as others and may not be that familiar with these products. For instance, I literally have one client with iPad and only used the default apps that originally came with her system for over a year till I showed her what else was out there and how to download and install. You would think this stuff was obvious, but not for everyone.

      In referenced to media players and DLNA options...wow I've tried a bunch of apps and can't find anything that comes close to what I've used on webOS (like BHome Pro) for years also on my TouchPad. Shame Roger Sennert over at http://www.bluestarsoftware.de doesn't port BHome Pro to Android, but as he's said in the past...too many DLNA players on Android and no reason to try. Sorli...
  • .....

    Think skype and Gmail are the only 2 of those apps I have ever used or had on my device. The rest llok like crapware with the exception of maybe Air display which may have possibilities.
  • Good Advice

    The apps listed that I know are indeed useful to me. The ones I didn't know appear useful and I'm checking them out. I'm a long time Android, iOS and custom ROM user.
  • See my favorite 10 android applications

    Here i am giving my favorite 10 android application details, http://jimmanz.blogspot.in/2012/08/my-favorite-10-android-applications_12.html
  • No UPnP/DLNA apps?

    Many of my friends (and me) active users of DLNA, I would ArkMC to that list