First look: Ubuntu 9.04

First look: Ubuntu 9.04

Summary: With the final release of Ubuntu 9.04 "Jaunty Jackalope" only days away (scheduled for April 23, 2009), let's take a look at the Release Candidate.

TOPICS: Open Source

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Topic: Open Source

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  • Very Impressed with Ubuntu 8.10 Looking forward to 9.04 Final Release

    I have used all the earlier versions of Ubuntu and I recently migrated to Ubuntu 8.10. Each version of Ubuntu has shown a significant improvement and I am now looking forward to Unbutu 9.04 final release to be used as the main OS in my desktop PC, which contains 4 other operating systems. The only issue I came across with all versions of Ubuntu I have used so far, is that I am unable to find a driver for my SilverCrest webcam. All other external devices (printers,scanners etc.) connected to my PC had no problems with drivers. I anticipate that drivers for all external devices will get resolved in due course, with the fast evolution of Ubuntu.
  • For Newbies: Ubuntu simple to install as shown in the photos

    Great photos...
    I am a newbie.. I have recently installed ubuntu 8.10 and am very pleased by its performance

    I hope people will see this first look and atleast try to install it on ....

    Its really as simple as it looks in the photos...

    Newbies please try
  • Looks stale and old

    Compared to OSX, Windows 7, and Vista, this looks old and tired. I know you can make things a bit more futuristic, but I'm not sure that a default system should install and boot up looking like cross between Windows XP and Windows 95.

    Ubuntu really needs to sex things up.
    • Agreed.

      I agree completely - the UI, which two or three articles have raved about now, hasn't really changed, so I wonder what it is that they're raving about.

      Also - is anyone else REALLY tired of the whole brown and orange thing? I know that they have different styles you can choose, and that you can change the wallpaper, but brown and orange is still an ugly default color scheme.
  • Nice OS, BUT...

    As nice as the OS is, still can't play my DVDs, and when is there going to be a MAJICJACK capable version?
    • Currently, no.
      Grayson Peddie
    • There's even more ...

      Within the first week a number of users on the Ubuntu forums are reporting difficulties with USB devices that worked fine on earlier Ubuntu releases, as well as seriously broken network functionality, particularly getting Samba to work in a LAN for interoperability with Windows machines. I found the network performance to be unacceptable in a brief test, running perhaps at 1/10th to 1/50th the speed of Ubuntu 8.10 ("Intrepid Ibex") on the same machine. Since the network ran so poorly out of the box, I never even got as far as trying to set up Samba on Ubuntu 9.04 ("Jaunty Jackalope"). I'm sticking with release 8.10 for the duration and shall see if 9.10 is any better this October. Release 9.04 is unusable, in my opinion.
      Tony R.
  • What a transformation

    I remember when ZDnet was totally Windows centric. A linux article was rare indeed years ago. As times progressed, there was discussion about linux servers. And now, linux distros are on par in terms of coverage, with Windows.

    It is nice to see more even handed coverage these days.

    Thank you.

    • Transformation ?

      The word transformation is not a good word.It was dreamt up by the UK government in an effort to convince the voters change actually happened in government departments.History judges this word as spin when the wind blows with no longterm reality..?
      The Management consultant
  • WHY ?!?!?!?!?!

    Why does the WHOLE PAGE have to load JUST to see the next desktop pix?
    Are you getting "Adverts clickthroughs"?

    It's a WASTE of my bandwidth.
    I should start "BackCharging" for this wasted bandwidth use.

    • use the thumbnails (nt)

  • RE: Ubuntu 9.04 installation (First look: Ubuntu 9.04)

    Just what people wanted, a poop brown colored OS!
    Loverock Davidson
    • Hmmmmm

      I think they were saying the same thing about the poopbrown zune too, unfortunately you couldn't change the color of the Zune like you can with Ubuntu.
      Kid Icarus-21097050858087920245213802267493
  • compatablity?

    I've got a lot of W proggies that I'm concerned won't run in Linux. I've heard it's far more stable than W, far more secure, and not bloated with code that slows things down, making a comparable machine far faster than the same one running W, BUT, the problem remains--CAN I, or CAN'T I--run W proggies? If I can, but not ALL of them, what kind of average percentage of W proggies WON'T run in Linux?

    If it's simply a minor risk of incompatibility, how big a "minor" risk is it?
    • W proggies? Perez, is that you?

      jaded by IT
    • Easy to set up dual boot

      Ubuntu installer makes it very easy to convert your machine to dual boot. You can boot it up using the Live CD, then use Partition Editor to shrink your Windows partition.

      My laptop now has a 50GB Windows partition, a 50GB Ubuntu partition, and the rest of the drive is formatted as NTFS so I can share the bulky files easily (Windows can't access Linux partitions without major effort on your part). Ubuntu mounts NTFS partitions effortlessly, and has Hibernate support built in (without having to install special drivers like I do in XP). Ubuntu even recognizes the Hibernate button on my keyboard, whereas in XP I have to install Dell QuickSet to make that and a whole miriad of other simple things work, and Dell QuickSet is another background task using up CPU power.

      Anyway, my point is, for the W apps that won't run under U, you can easily set up dual boot, Hibernate U to go to W, Hibernate W to go back to U, etc (just remember to unmount NTFS partitions before hibernating, otherwise the partitions are marked as "in use" and inaccessible).

      Finally, you can use free software VirtualBox to create a Virtual machine in Ubuntu to run any Windows apps natively within the VM, so you can use both OSs without rebooting.
      • All good stuff...

        ...but you should check out Explore2FS. It's a little Windows tool which makes it easy to get at the files on your Linux partition.
  • RE: Ubuntu 9.04 installation (First look: Ubuntu 9.04)

    where is the link?
  • RE: Ubuntu 9.04 installation (First look: Ubuntu 9.04)

    I know this !but the latest kernel has already used in redhat linux !I use it !
  • RE: Ubuntu 9.04 installation (First look: Ubuntu 9.04)

    8.10 is my first brush with Ubuntu and I'm impressed. Looking forward to upgrading to 9.04 when I have time to do the download (very basic broadband).