Gallery: 10 great gifts for grads

Gallery: 10 great gifts for grads

Summary: For high school and college graduates, sometimes the basics make the best gifts: Mobile computing, coffee, exercise, fresh water and air.

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  • The flagship of Apple’s laptop line, the 11” MacBook Air may be pricier than most PC notebook computers, but its also one of the lightest (2.3lbs) and one of the fastest for its size and weight due to its solid state hard disk and low-power Intel Core 2 Duo processor, as well as sporting excellent battery life.

    And while PC’s are generally cheaper, with Mac OS X your grad will spend less time on the phone with countries abroad dealing with technical issues and spending more time writing papers and doing their classwork.

    Should your grad’s Mac need service, Apple’s retail stores (available with multiple locations in every  major city/metro area) and Applecare service cannot be beat.
  • If your grad is a PC and not a Mac, then look no further than the ultra light Lenovo X220.  With an integrated Intel Core i7-260M, a 320GB 7200 rpm hard drive and 4GB of DDR3 memory, there are few tasks your grad could throw at this laptop and have it not make child’s play out of it.

    Like Apple, Lenovo’s support is one of the best in the industry (make sure you ask for the accidental damage coverage plans and extended warranty) and ThinkPad build quality is unsurpassed.

Topic: Security


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  • Great idea for grads...

    ...comfortable shoes for those long waits in the unemployment line.

    Change we can believe in!
    • RE: Gallery: 10 great gifts for grads


      Yay politricks on a tech site!
    • RE: Gallery: 10 great gifts for grads

      Great! Lol
      i wonder how long he can go still blaming it on bush....
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        Will Pharaoh
      • RE: Gallery: 10 great gifts for grads

        @rocketboy5114 Because the recession, which started in late 2007 and accelerated during the election season -- and was also partially a product of wholesale negligence in oversight of the housing, and other markets in between 2000 and 2007 -- was entirely Obama's fault. Right.
  • RE: Gallery: 10 great gifts for grads

    iPad 2 is a great gift idea, binding the grad already has a laptop.
  • RE: Gallery: 10 great gifts for grads

    Macbook air is my fave!
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      Will Pharaoh
  • RE: Gallery: 10 great gifts for grads

    It took me a while to realize this page was talking about High School graduates. That said, most of these seem to be pretty horrible gifts.