Gallery: 20 Twitter apps for business

Gallery: 20 Twitter apps for business

Summary: has rounded up 20 handy tools that can help business users get more from Twittering.


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  • There are a few cardinal rules every seasoned Twitter user knows:

    • Retweeting is an art where less is more. Retweets are also not necessarily an endorsement of the RTed content - in the same way that pointing to a hole in the ground doesn't mean you want to sit in it.
    • @-ing another Twitter user means your tweet is definitely imparting something relevant to that particular individual. Otherwise you are guilty of spamming them - you and all the other spam bots on Twitter.
    • If your avatar remains egg-shaped beyond your first tentative hour of lurking on Twitter, you need to work on polishing your brand image. Tip: upload a photo, preferably of your face or brand. The biog on your profile should be up to snuff too. Clear, focused and friendly info is good. Cryptic, emo and incomprehensible are for MySpace.

    Seasoned Twitter users also know they can tap into a wealth of Twitter apps and tools to augment the microblogging experience - helping to search, mine and monitor tweets and trends, visualize Twitter data, analyse followers and engagement, and much more.

    Indeed, there are scores of Twitter apps - many of them free. But to whet your appetite for what Twitter apps can do, has rounded up 20 handy tools, in no particular order, that can help business users get more from Twittering.

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  • For many, TweetDeck is the de facto standard third-party Twitter client. Features include customizable columns for more easily monitoring various search terms and the ability to tweet from multiple Twitter accounts.

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Topics: Social Enterprise, CXO

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  • Crystal Reports to Twitter

    Check out Report Runner Batch; it can post data from Crystal Reports to your Twitter account, on a scheduled basis. This means you can build logic into a Crystal Reports template as to what gets show when, and schedule the report to run every day. Post sales numbers, post deals and specials... it's great!
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