Gallery: Apple adds multitasking to iPhone 4.0

Gallery: Apple adds multitasking to iPhone 4.0

Summary: Steve Jobs announces new features to iPhone 4.0 - the biggest is multitasking for the iPhone, iPod and iPad.


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  • A quick first look at scenes from Apple's iPhone 4.0 event.

    Here comes a recap of the seven of the 100 user features and 1,500 developer APIs in iPhone 4.0. The first is multitasking. The developer preview is being released today. iPhone and iPod Touch users will see it this summer - for iPhone 3GS and third-generation iPod Touch. For the older devices will run most things but not multitasking - because the hardware can’t support it. iPhone OS 4 hits the iPad in the fall. For more read the live blog by Sam Diaz.

    Apple CEO Steve Jobs takes the stage to announce some key features in the new iPhone OS version, which he says will be released this summer. The upgrades include multitasking, background audio, background location, voice over IP, a new folders feature, flicking between pages of apps on the phone, and the new iAd mobile advertising platform.

    Meanwhile, third-generation models of the iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch will be out this summer. And the newly released iPad will get OS 4.0 in the fall.

    The newly released iPad, meanwhile, will get OS 4.0 in the fall.

  • Developers can access a preview of iPhone OS 4.0 beginning Thursday, Jobs says.

    They can now access calendar, photo library, still and video camera data, quick look, and SMS inside their apps, Jobs says.

    Photo credit: James Martin

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