Gallery: Apple adds multitasking to iPhone 4.0

Gallery: Apple adds multitasking to iPhone 4.0

Summary: Steve Jobs announces new features to iPhone 4.0 - the biggest is multitasking for the iPhone, iPod and iPad.


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  • There's now an indicator on the status bar to let you know if an app is using your location (kind of like the little satellite logo in Android).

    Users can also enable or disable location by app in the settings menu. Apple is including a little arrow on the location services menu that will let you know if that particular app has used location within the last 24 hours.

    Forstall demos the next new service, background location. He says there are two classes of applications--things like turn-by-turn directions (TomTom, Garmin, et. al.) and social-networking applications like Loopt.

    Photo credit: James Martin

  • Jobs gets back up on stage to announce "folders," a solution for flicking between pages of apps on the phone.

    Jobs calls the folders implementation "beautiful."

    Photo credit: James Martin

  • Create a folder by placing your finger on an app until it jiggles. Then you drag one app on top of another and it instantly makes a folder. The icon changes to show you a small preview of all the apps that are in there.

    ,p>When you tap on the folder it expands to show you the apps. "You can have as many folders as you like," Jobs says.

    Photo credit: James Martin

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