Gallery: Dell Vostro A90 unboxing

Gallery: Dell Vostro A90 unboxing

Summary: 13 pictures of the new Vostro A90, including some comparison shots between it and the Dell Mini 9 and some internal shots of the SSD and RAM slots as part of the migration process.


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  • The Vostro ships in a tiny box that's barely larger than the computer itself. It would be tough for Dell to ship it in a smaller box.

  • Popping the top reveals the inner tray covering the top of the Vostro.

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  • Thanks for the pics--mail it on to me when done. ;)

    I can put the A90 to a good 'legal' use that has nothing to do with 'hacking' or 'jailbreaking' or 'Apple'.

    Ubuntu Linux simply runs rings around OSX anyhow.

    • What're you talking about???

      He's going to send it to me!

      Ubuntu is pretty nice. Just started using it a
      little over a month ago on my old Compaq Presario
      notebook and it just breathes new life into that
      thing! Still haven't decided if I'll replace it
      with Windows 7 when it releases... Tried the beta
      out and that's what's making it such a hard
  • RE: Dell Vostro A90 unboxing - 13 (Gallery: Dell Vostro A90 unboxing)

    i notice it still has the old atom sticker...i want a netbook but i'll wait it ion, or at least till intel's new, faster atom chip