Gallery: How Microsoft's browser ballot works

Gallery: How Microsoft's browser ballot works

Summary: As part of an antitrust agreement with the EU, during the week of Feb. 22 Microsoft will begin adding a ballot to let Windows users in Europe select their own browser of choice.

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  • To fulfill its part of an antitrust settlement with the EU, during the week of Feb. 22 Microsoft will begin sending a ballot on Windows Update to let Windows users in the United Kingdom, Belgium and France select their browser of choice. The rest of Europe will follow around March 1. Here's a look at how the browser selection will work. For more on the browser ballot, check out Mary Jo Foley's blog.

    This is the screen to explain the browser ballat that will be seen by new PC buyers.

    Credit: Microsoft

  • The five most popular browsers: Internet Explorer 8, Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Opera will be displayed in random order on the first screen. Five other browsers will appear on a second screen in random order. Users can choose to install by click on an icon, click to "Tell me more," or "Select later." The list will be updated to reflect the top-10 browsers.

    Credit: Microsoft

Topics: Microsoft, Browser

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  • IE

    I am already using an alternative browser and don't want the ruddy EU sticking its nose into my computer. I live in the UK. Pity the EU can't spend more of its time reducing its excessive budget.
    • That's every government's job...

      ... sticking it's nose in where it doesn't belong (really what does having a
      browser ballot have to do with national security?) and not dealing with
      it's own issues.
  • RE: (Gallery: How Microsoft's browser ballot works)

    the whole antitrust case was a pointless waste of money and based soley on the complaints from one company who havent made a decent browser and as such have been unable to capture enough of the market to stay affloat without requestign subsidies from the EU. it would of been far better to have simply either given the company the money (not a good choice) or said no go bust, not like it would of put many people out of work, instead they stupid overbloated scum that makes up the eurocratic system choose to waste bilions of euro's taking MS to court and force us the people living in europe to adopt a crippled os that will no longer permit the use of multiple browsers, i for one will miss not being able to use multiple browsers (none of them are opera since its a pile of ****) and limit myself instead to IE which is currently the most useable one.
  • RE: (Gallery: How Microsoft's browser ballot works)

    MicroSoft will obey European Union's dictates as the Constitution of the People's Republic of Europe demands that through the practice of bureaucratic collectivism, financial activity of all Free State's economic activity shall be limited by the dictates of the European Union's Parliament (aka EU. Politburo).
    Together with the Council of the European Union (the Council), it forms the bicameral legislative branch of the EU (has been described as one of the most powerful legislatures in the world) and will enforce actions to stop freedoms within the European (Socialist) Community states.
  • I'd be willing to bet...

    ...that the Europeans (the people) will rue the day they ever they ever started this European Union stuff. What a pile of Socialist crap!
  • RE: (Gallery: How Microsoft's browser ballot works)

    What a waste of time - im in the UK and every time i startup my computer i get this
    browser ballot appear on the monitor -i use ie8 and sofar nothing has proved to me that i need to change my browser.
    The European union -especialy Germany , Belguim,
    France -should stop trying to make them selves out to be the rulers of the world.
    How do i delete this off my computer as its taking up vital c: disc space.
    • Unfortunately the mind police have won

      I also live in the UK and this is another victory for the nanny state.
      The bad news is this is available as an optional Microsoft update and once installed if you look at the update history it tells you you can not remove it.
      I wonder if we will get a patch to remove it if we protest enough?
      • EU ballotscreen NOT WANTED version

        The only thing you can do is too CHOOSE personally which update you want and which you don't... HOW? by switching off the automation of your updates and occasionally check which updates are available for you. (by the way, this should be the DEFAULT setting and NOT the one which automatically updates your machine if you want it or not). so don't be lazy and wake up people for you can't remove the patch if installed, thanks Mikeysofyt! so, right-click on the patch and HIDE, HIDE, HIDE...