Gallery: Steve Jobs reveals iPhone 4 at WWDC

Gallery: Steve Jobs reveals iPhone 4 at WWDC

Summary: Steve Jobs takes center stage at Apple's WWDC in San Francisco and shows off his company's newest creation - iPhone 4.


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  • At WWDC, Steve Jobs takes the stage to show off Apple's newest creation, the iPhone 4. Check out the live blog by Sam Diaz, and live analysis from Jason D. O'Grady and Adrian Kingsley-Hughes.

  • The Moscone Center in San Francisco is prepped for Apple's WWDC day.

Topics: Apple, Hardware, iPhone, Mobility, Smartphones

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  • RE: Gallery: Steve Jobs reveals iPhone 4 at WWDC

    Sorry Apple, after 2 years of crappy service from ATT I will be buying an Android phone once my contract with that joke of a 3G network is up next month. I fell outta love with the iJOKE a while back.
  • RE: Gallery: Steve Jobs reveals iPhone 4 at WWDC

    If it weren't for AT&T I would be all over this phone!
  • RE: Gallery: Steve Jobs reveals iPhone 4 at WWDC

    Unless it is a Verizon iFruit it is not newsworthy...
    • RE: Gallery: Steve Jobs reveals iPhone 4 at WWDC

      • RE: Gallery: Steve Jobs reveals iPhone 4 at WWDC

        Not sure what world your from however every network has issues and they all continue to improve on their Network. But At&t has a very reliable 3G Network as far as speed compared to Verizon which matters more than having 3G all over the world.
  • 3G Service

    Don't know where you "exist" but I can drive I-55 from New Orleans to Memphis and have 3G on my iPhone the whole way. Sure beats the "map"!
  • RE: Gallery: Steve Jobs reveals iPhone 4 at WWDC

    I love the phone 3G and the 4G looks fantastic but I will not buy it until it is on Verizon's network. Please switch carriers.
  • RE: Gallery: Steve Jobs reveals iPhone 4 at WWDC

    Nobody bought a PowerMac or PowerBook because they were based on IBM/Motorola designs... nobody cared if their iMac or iBook ran whatever OS, and used Internet Explorer as their browser... they bought them because they did what people wanted them to do, and that is the bottom line.

    Complain about 3G coverage, but I'll take that problem over whether or not my editor can download the latest chapter from my new book or not... being able to "get it" counts for far more than always having it "now"... as the Microsofties... they can have any PCTD (PC Transmitted Disease) of their choice...
  • RE: Gallery: Steve Jobs reveals iPhone 4 at WWDC

    The new iPhone and OS 4 look great - iMovie on the iPhone? That's got WOW written all over it. The A4, on the other hand, just brings the iPhone to parity with the Droid Incredible which already has a 1GHz CPU . As for other features, the Droid excels in some (an 8MP camera) and the iPhone in others (a front facing camera with video telephony capability). Whether you consider the phones comparable depends on what features you value most (see

    The deal maker and the deal breaker in either case is likely to be the network. If AT&T works for you, the iPhone is a no brainer. If not, then you are obliged to pick an alternative. Whether that's Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile will depend on local conditions where you live and work - and travel. Each network has its advantages and disadvantages - Version, for instance, is known for sleazy billing practices. AT&T is not much better.

    If you are lucky enough to live where network capabilities overlap and are of similar quality, then - and only then - do you have the luxury of choosing a cell phone based of the features of the phone itself.
  • RE: Gallery: Steve Jobs reveals iPhone 4 at WWDC

    I am due for an upgrade with my iPhone 3G becoming a bit old in the tooth vs today's offerings, and I just can't see switching over to a 'Driod and PC-centric OS and apps vs the new svelte, compact, feature-laden iPhone 4. For $300 with yet another 2-year AT&T service contract I think that the 32GB iPhone 4 will fit my needs, business and personal both, and I especially like the new iPhone 4's twin cameras, 720P video with editing tools @ 30fps, and the fact that it's still small, extremely thin with glass front and back/stainless steel frame with integral multi-function antennas built into the short its design is far superior to a heavy, huge item like the EVO 4 for example, which is like carrying around a small brick that really doesn't fit anywhere very easily on your person. What's the bottom line for me? iPhone 4 does everything I need a phone to do: with unlimited and exciting new game playing technology, GPS and twin cameras, plenty of storage and no gimmickry or external cards necessary, apps galore with the 'Net's biggest, baddest and best resources from the smartest minds insures a bright future, capped off by the best display that exists on any smart phone, so the iPhone 4 leaves no stone unturned and best of all it's an Apple through and through, no PC OS to ruin all the good things like the competition faces in all their iterations. The iPhone 4 isn't all about flash and shock and awe, it's simply put the next level of excellence from the people who invented the smart phone (should we forget that fact), and I'm all "In" , PC's be damned!
  • RE: Gallery: Steve Jobs reveals iPhone 4 at WWDC

    I for one will be ecstatic when the iPhone 4 is released. I will be in line waiting to get my upgrade and I will have no problem selling my near mint condition 32GB 3G[S] for $200 to get the upgrade. Apple has been on the cutting edge of technology since the beginning. The resale values speak for themselves. As for AT&T, I am not loving the new data plan which is only going to affect new customers. However I am curious as to whether or not I will lose my old data plan if I upgrade. AT&T has great service, as I am an old SPRINT Fan , and I have been extremely happy with their service, especially their customer service. But the new data cap will probably cause a lot of fuss, if old accounts can't retain their old unlimited data service cap. AT&T has to be making a killing off of any Apple product. AT&T should be, better be willing to accommodate their user base or lose the faithful iPhone users. Ultimately, that's what we are, iPhone and iPad users. You can't fault the car for the gas it runs on. I have the Bugati of all phones, it's a shame, but only 91 octane is available, although it needs that 93. I still want it until 93 is available. God help AT&T if SPRINT or VERIZON can offer better with the iPhone.
  • RE: Gallery: Steve Jobs reveals iPhone 4 at WWDC

    I've been a faithfull Verizonwireless customer due to the awesome coverage/reception! The best of everyone!!!