Gallery: Virgin Galactic unveils space ride

Gallery: Virgin Galactic unveils space ride

Summary: Sir Richard Branson showed off SpaceShipTwo for the first time. The vehicle promises to take thousands of private citizens on a short ride into space.

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  • SpaceShipTwo will take 6 passenger-astronauts and two pilots in a two-hour suborbital flights that will reach the edge of space. The crew will be weightless for about five minutes.

    Sir Richard meets with pilots Burt Rutan and Will Whitehorn

    Credit: Virgin Gallactic

  • In the hanger, SpaceShipTwo is attached to the mother ship, VMS Eve. On a typical flight VMS Eve will haul SpaceShipTwo over 50,000 above the Earth where it will drop the spacecraft. SpaceShipTwo will then fire its rocket engines to complete the voyage.

  • Credit: Virgin Gallactic

Topic: Telcos

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