Gallery: What the Google Buzz is all about

Gallery: What the Google Buzz is all about

Summary: Google is expanding its Gmail to make it easier to share information, photos, videos, links and more with your friends.


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  • You can connect to other sites that you use - Picasa, Flickr, Google Reader, and Twitter are highlighted here.

  • Comments can be added to your posts.

  • Friends can respond - and you get an e-mail to alert you.

Topics: Collaboration, Browser, Cloud, Google

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  • These "social apps" all seem transitional...

    I feel like I did back in the days of the original "chat rooms" and other computer wonders of days gone by...but you know what? [u]There's nothing new here...[/u] not with Google, not with Facebook, not with Myspace...nothing that we couldn't do back in the old 8086 processor days, albeit a lot slower.

    I can't get all excited about all this "Buzz" until someone comes out with more original ideas than chat rooms that allow you to post pictures and send E-mail...
  • I go to GMail mostly for work (and spam), and Facebook to socialize...

    So, going to gMail for me is like going to work, and not socialize... don't know if this can compete with Facebook, which already has a large "categorized" (as friends, group members, etc) community. Also, Google would have to get an ecosystem of apps like Farm, Mafia Wars (not my case, but...). And the famous or infamous Wall, which lets you keep in touch "in passing" or be aware of your friends doings...
    Roque Mocan
  • Internet Addiction via Social Networking

    PBS-TV's Frontline recently spent an hour on this new
    form of addiction...
    After I opened a Facebook account, i regretted doing
    that in less than a week and use it now only to be
    polite to friend requests...i rarely post to my own
    page or others
    I get enough emails etc as it is
    I don't twitter or spend a lot of time on my cellphone
    I don't feel the need to tell everyone everything i
    do...imho it only gives me less time in which to
    really accomplish something
    But hey, whatever floats your boat
    I don't judge...I don't have time
    • I don't judge either

      Exactly how I feel..Travel back several year, when people actually used the PHONE...Then pagers follow by pagers that text, and now the almighty Droid Blackberry and other smart phone that perdicts the future. So now we sit in front of this Dual core processor to do what ? Just pick up the phone..