Google Nexus S Teardown

Google Nexus S Teardown

Summary: Bill Detwiler cracks open the Google Nexus S Android smartphone. Made by Samsung, the phone contains chips from SanDisk, Wolfson, Infineon, and Atmel.


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  • In December 2010, Google partnered with Samsung to release the Nexus S--a variant of Samsung's Galaxy S line of phones.

    Check out our teardown of the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate.

    After testing the device, TechRepublic's Jason Hiner was less than enthusiastic about the new device:

    "Overall, the Google Nexus S feels like a step backward for the Nexus line of “Google phones,” and not just because of Google’s less ambitious agenda with the product. The Nexus S just doesn’t offer enough important hardware upgrades from the Nexus One to make up for the lower build quality."

    Despite Jason's lackluster review, we wanted to see the hardware inside this new Google phone. So, follow along as we crack open the Nexus S.

    Photo by: Bill Detwiler / TechRepublic
    Caption by: Bill Detwiler

  • The Nexus S is available at Best Buy in the US and Carphone Wharehouse in the UK. The phone is sold unlocked and will work on T-Mobile (US and UK), Vodaphone (UK), Orange (UK), O2 (UK).

    The Nexus S costs $199 US (with 2-year contract) and $529 (no contract).

    Photo by: Bill Detwiler / TechRepublic
    Caption by: Bill Detwiler

Topics: Hardware, Google, Mobility, Processors, Samsung, Smartphones

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  • RE: Google Nexus S Teardown

    You guys are morons and couldn't understand the tech advances from Nexus One if your life depended on it. You don't even know the full value of what you're looking at or what the advantages are of these different parts. You couldn't do that on the first one though. Making you all lamer than the ignorant public that doesn't know the difference between the costume jewelry in an iPhone and the next generation parts in a Galaxy S phone by the parts numbers. How do you expect to be able to understand what those internal parts can do coupled with an OS that is totally developed and customized to take best advantage of those next gen parts? Give it up, but don't give up your day jobs. I've lost all hope of you morons at these web sites ever being able to analyze and determine what is valuable or not. Giving things to you idiots for review, is like giving your pearls to a swine (a worthless pig soused on wine snorting up your most precious gems like slop out of a bucket. Which is how you fools most likely consume things anyway.)!!! lol.... ;)

    btw.... don't you think that the smart people out here realize that if CrApple had stuck with plastic instead of going to even more breakable glass than plastic, you'd morons would be saying the future was in plastics over aluminum or metal. I can drop my plastic case nexus one on it's back and not hurt the insides (let alone scratch or dent the case). Better yet.... I can drop a Nexus One S on it's front and never break the screen or scratch it. Can you idiots do that with any other phone? haha.... man... if you fools had brains you'd be dangerous!!!'s the curved screen dummies! LOL... :P
    • RE: Google Nexus S Teardown

      @Jason Any of you idiots ever think about why they had to use plastic over Aluminum or steel? You say it's cheap build quality, but the reality is you are not going to get the Near Field Communications device embedded in the back cover to work if it's in Aluminum or Steel. But that's asking too much for morons like you to think that hard to figure that out! :P ....go back to bed Jason and forget about calling yourself tech literate! haha....
  • RE: Google Nexus S Teardown

    @i2fun - lol! boy you really have issues dude!
  • RE: Google Nexus S Teardown

    I just can't figure it out why they should post something like this. It might be better if they tell us what is inside and have us figure it out by ourselves. - <a href="">Kyle Thomas Glasser </a>
    kyle thomas