Google puts Chrome OS into focus (photos)

Google puts Chrome OS into focus (photos)

Summary: A Google event featured more details about its upcoming Chrome OS including details of a notebook that will be given to testers who pass an exam.


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  • Google probably sent chills down the spines of Microsoft execs as it showed off more details of its Chrome operating system. Google VP of Product Management Sundar Pichai hosted the event which highlighted new features of Chrome OS, a new Chrome OS store, and a testing program that involved giving away notebooks to developers and others who are able to pass a test.

    For more on the event, read Sam Diaz's blog.

    Pichai holds a Google notebook that was designed for testing.

  • The pilot program involves giving the Cr-48 to participants. There's no caps key, function keys, or spinning hard drive. Plus, there's a jail-breaking mode built in.

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