Hands-on look: BlackBerry PlayBook tablet

Hands-on look: BlackBerry PlayBook tablet

Summary: RIM held a special media-only event in New York City on Thursday showing off the new BlackBerry PlayBook. Here's a hands-on look.


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  • RIM is readying a number of in-house-made accessories for the PlayBook.


    RIM is readying a number of in-house-made accessories for the PlayBook.

  • At first glance, the PlayBook is a beautiful device that would be attractive to a consumer looking for a 7-inch tablet. However, it's friendlier for current and future BlackBerry owners as the e-mail app works hand-in-hand with the one on the BlackBerry. Thus, it's questionable how well this well sell in the consumer market overall. 

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  • Too little. Too late. Too watered down.

    I'm a long time Blackberry user and systems administrator looking after several BES deployments. I have been using a 3G iPad for a year now. I have not held one of these in my hands yet but based on the published specifications and photos I would neither be buying one myself nor would I recommend it to anyone. Users want email and web surfing as the primary purpose and apps platform as the secondary purpose. Basically the requirement to wirelessly tether to a Blackberry handheld is kooky at best. This will be a disaster for RIM.