Hands-on with the HTC Flyer; an Evernote tablet

Hands-on with the HTC Flyer; an Evernote tablet

Summary: HTC finally entered the tablet space with the HTC Flyer and in order to differentiate their entry into this growing market they added support for inking with a pen. While this may seem like a throw back to a few years ago with the UMPC, the pen functionality works quite well and has its uses. The Evernote integration is also key to the device usefulness and capabilities.


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  • When you take the top off of the box lid you will find the HTC Flyer encased in soft plastic material.

  • You don't get much in the package, just an A/C charger, USB cable, and some pamphlets. People have been whining about HTC not including the $80 pen, but the US model is still a couple hundred less than the same model in Europe.

  • Even though the end of the A/C adapter looks strange, a common microUSB cable will fit into the Flyer and let you charge and sync it up.

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  • RE: Hands-on with the HTC Flyer; an Evernote tablet

    This looks like HTC is trying to make a Tablet PC but failed to install the correct operating system. Utlimately it will fail as all Android based devices will fail. People whobhave Android devices like them for a while, then hate them because of the clunkiness of Android as it is based off of Linux. Linux will die out in the future as people realize that it has never been production ready.
    • RE: Hands-on with the HTC Flyer; an Evernote tablet

      @bigjim01@... I don't think so
    • RE: Hands-on with the HTC Flyer; an Evernote tablet

      @bigjim01@... Play the Windows fanboy role much? Or perhaps you're reading this article on your Commodore or Amiga.

      Statements like the one you've made just make me sad to realize that so many people out there really have no clue about even the simplest of things.

      It doesn't take a techie or a marketing/business genius to figure out that linux isn't going anywhere any time soon.

      Have you ever even owned an android device? Do you have any frame of reference for the absolute statements that you're spewing?