How to land your dream job: Nine inventive ways

How to land your dream job: Nine inventive ways

Summary: The global job market is in a precarious position. Increasing numbers of people compete against each other for vacancies, from the CEOs recently made redundant to the unemployed undergraduate. The current unemployment statistics are worrying - but it has inspired some new and creative ways to grab an employer's attention.

TOPICS: CXO, IT Employment

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  • A well-dressed man with over thirty years' experience in the toy industry, Paul Nawrocki, took to the streets with a sandwich board that displayed "Almost Homeless". No, he doesn't want some spare change.

    Paul wants a job.

    The unemployed professional, once Director of Operations at Sababa Group for over four years, paraded his board across Grand Central Station and the Rockefeller Centre after being laid off in an unsuccessful bid for the company to stay afloat. The tactic worked.

    Thousands of news outlets reported Paul's story. Eventually after 25 months of being unemployed he secured a position at Fantasma, a company specialising in children's magic tricks and props.

  • After a year of unsuccessful resume hand-outs, emailing and interview rejections, Kelly Kinney decided that publicising herself could be the answer.

    Often competing with hundreds of applicants for one post and attempting to keep her family afloat, Kelly decided to print her resume on the front of her shirt, with an accompanying cover letter on the back.

    To make sure her status was emphasized, she emblazoned the design with "I NEED A JOB" to try and catch an employer's eye. When asked about her motives in this unusual stunt, Kelly stated:

    "The name of the game is how you can get noticed, how you can distinguish yourself from everybody else."

    This idea may have merit, or may just be seen as an amusing gimmick - as companies have now sprung up to offer 'resume merchandise' - including custom shirt designs and even underwear.

    (Source: Flickr

Topics: CXO, IT Employment

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  • RE: How to land your dream job: Nine inventive ways

    What a horrible interface for reading an article. I bailed out :(
    Scott Welker
  • RE: How to land your dream job: Nine inventive ways

    These are some good ideas, particularly the resume on a shirt idea.