Hurricane Irene images as it nears East Coast

Hurricane Irene images as it nears East Coast

Summary: Hurricane Irene is currently planning its attack on the U.S. East Coast - expected to begin on Saturday.

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  • UPDATE:Thursday Aug. 26, 11 AM PT: The U.S. National Hurricane Center has some good news as winds created by Hurricane Irene have dropped to an average of 100mph with gusts up to 155mph. The hurricane has dropped to a Category 2 hurricane as it is expected to hit or pass near the North Carolina Coast on Saturday. It's located about 300 miles from Cape Hatteras North Carolina and moving at 14mph. It is expected to turn north or northeast Saturday. Category 5 is the most severe. (Katrina averaged winds of 175mph over the Gulf of Mexico and reportedly 125mph when it hit land).

    One of the real dangers of hurricanes is the raise in the water level. The water level along the North Carolina coast is expected to raise between 6 and 11 feet.

    In this gallery, we'll take a look at how Hurricane Irene looks from space, on maps, and on land, too.

    This is an infrared image of Hurricane Irene taken by the GOES satellite.

    Credit: NOAA

  • This 3-day track from August 26 shows the hurricane will likely head up the East Coast before going ashore in Connecticut.

    A hurricane warning is in effect for Little River Inlet North Carolina northward to Sandy Hook, New Jersey inluding Pamlico, Albemarle and Currituck Sounds, Deleware Bay, and Chesapeake Bay south of Drum Point.


Topic: Security

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  • RE: Hurricane Irene gains force - threatens U.S. (images)

    To those in areas of expected landfall and adjacent areas watch these storms closely with an eye toward possible last minute intensification, be ready to evacuate out of state EARLY to avoid crowded highways. DO NOT TRY TO RIDE IT OUT. Homes are NOT built to withstand Cat 4 or 5 winds with associated projectile debris.
  • RE: Hurricane Irene gains force - threatens U.S. (images)

    Having lived in Fl most of my life,I have been through 3 hurricane direct hits and several tropical storms.The message above pretty much says it all.