Image Gallery: HTC Touch Diamond screenshots

Image Gallery: HTC Touch Diamond screenshots

Summary: I took 45 screenshots of the HTC Touch Diamond that include most all of the features that are new on this Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional device. You can see the TouchFLO 3D, new applications, and settings in these screenshots. Check out my videos to see more of the device in action too.


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  • In this tab you can quickly view thumbnails of your photos and videos by swiping your finger up or down the display. Tapping on the camera or camcorder icon will launch the camera application so you can shoot still or video footage. You can also quickly launch a Slideshow or view Albums from this tab.

  • On the Music tab you will see your album art and then you can play your music. The length of the song and your place in that song appear under the album art. You can quickly scroll through your music by flicking your finger up and down through the album art.

  • The Weather tab is probably my favorite fun tab since the animations are very cool and the information looks superb in VGA. If it is raining, then a wiper goes across your display to clean it (check out my video to see this).

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  • Diamond Touch

    It all looks good apart from the puny battery and the lack of a microSD slot. I would forgive the lack of slot if the internal memory were greater. The iPhone offers up to 16GB internal memory. If HTC really want to compete then a 16GB Diamond Touch should be on its way.....with a 3.5mm audio socket!? If I read correctly and HTC are manufacturing the 'iminent' SE Xperia (which will have a 3.5mm socket) then hopefully they will figure out how to build this into their own Pocket PCs. Again, if they are aiming at consumers and the competition offers 3.5mm sockets........ I am not interested in getting an iPhone, but the I think Apple have done everyone a favour by kicking the market up the bahooky (Scots English word for butt).