Image Gallery: Native mobile Facebook application comparison

Image Gallery: Native mobile Facebook application comparison

Summary: An official Google Android Facebook application was released this week, which prompted us to take a look at the official Facebook application that is available across every mobile operating system except for Palm WebOS. Several screenshots of the apps are shown here with a full article detailing them all on ZDNet Smartphones & Cell Phones blog.


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  • You can update your status using the iPhone application from just about any area.

  • This latest iPhone client added video upload support to go along with photo uploads.

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  • They all suck

    Why do the dates use the idiotic and US centric month/date/year format? Can't Facebook developers access user preferences and use what the user has asked for?

    Or do they just not realise that less than 5% of the global population use that format?
    Fred Fredrickson
  • Facebook on Smart Phones

    Great Article!

    I have to agree that, even on the iPhone, creativity took a back seat to making it work. The only one that seems standout ugly is Windows Mobile. MS desperately needs to crank up that GUI several notches. They look like they Windows 95 under the hood. "You already know how to use it" is too easily countered with, "I am willing to learn something new if it is easier and prettier!"

    On that note, I sure hope the Apple Wizards & Gurus are cooking up something major for their next generation.
    • Apple and Android Engineers are Engineers not!

      The Apple & Android GUIs look very user unfriendly and the respective engineers should be fired and black listed for creating such peices of garbage. I design crap like that, I would fire myself.