Images: Cars built to entertain

Images: Cars built to entertain

Summary: At the 2006 International Auto Show, carmakers show off rolling living rooms with built-in iPods, Xboxes or DVD players.


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  • Nissan Urge

    At the 2006 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, carmakers are showing off rolling living rooms, banking on built-in gadgets as a key selling point for today's youth.

    For those more interested in entertainment than alternative energy, Nissan Motor has the Urge. The 6-speed-manual, rear-wheel-drive prototype features a built-in Xbox game system. When the car is not moving, the steering wheel and pedals become game controllers. The rearview mirror becomes a small flip-down screen, and the dashboard becomes the game console.

  • Scion xB Release Series 3.0

    Are gadgets more important selling points than performance and safety for young adults? The makers of Toyota Motor's limited-edition Scion xB Release Series 3.0 seem to think so. Available in February, the Japan-built xB will cost about $17,000. With airplane-style video screens built into the backs of both front-seat headrests, the car docks an Apple Computer iPod next to driver controls.

  • Buick Terraza

    The 2006 Buick Terraza minivan can store music, movies and games on its 40GB hard drive. With its "Phat Noise" system, all three mediums can be played at the same time. Wireless headphones let back-seat passengers playing games drown out front-seat music.

    The Terraza also has a new feature for drivers who have trouble parking. The rear bumper has sensors (below left) that signal the driver (below right) how close to park.

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