Images: Drag-and-drop web slinger

Images: Drag-and-drop web slinger

Summary: Spider-Man and other Marvel characters will soon be available in Planetwide's Comic Book Creator software.

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  • Packaging for Comic Book Creator's new Marvel Heroes edition

    The packaging for Comic Book Creator's new Marvel Heroes edition, which lets comic enthusiasts create their own storylines featuring Wolverine, Spider-Man and Elektra.

  • Blank set of cells ready for some Spider-Man action

    Comic Book Creator features a drag-and-drop format designed for the average computer user. Here, a blank set of cells is ready for some Spider-Man action.

  • A panel featuring Elektra

    A Comic Book Creator user could tap the program's new Marvel Entertainment edition, slated for an August release, to whip up this panel featuring Elektra.

Topic: Tech Industry

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