Images: Home run simulcast in 'Second Life'

Images: Home run simulcast in 'Second Life'

Summary: The virtual world now has a ballpark that's seen the best swings Major League Baseball has to offer--with more likely to follow.


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  • Baseball in 'Second Life'

    An aerial view of the baseball stadium that was created in the virtual world "Second Life" for the simulcast of the home run derby from Major League Baseball's All-Star Game--and for future baseball events. The slugging contest took place Monday night, and the game itself is set for Tuesday evening. In the real world, both are taking place at Pittsburgh's PNC Park.

  • Ortiz home run

    When Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz hit a ball into the water during the home run derby in Pittsburgh on Monday, "Second Life" players saw it on a video screen in-world and saw an exaggerated version of the ball in the water.

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