Images: Inside Firefox 2's beta 1

Images: Inside Firefox 2's beta 1

Summary: CNET takes an inside look at Firefox 2 (Bon Echo) beta 1, with images of its new features.

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  • Firefox 2 (Bon Echo) beta 1

    The Mozilla Organization continues to develop the next version of its popular Firefox browser. Code-named Bon Echo, Firefox 2 beta 1 is available now for download and use by the general public. It has new features such as an antiphishing control and a browser session-restore feature. For more details, see CNET Reviews' Firefox 2 (Bon Echo) beta 1 First Take.

  • Antiphishing

    New in Firefox 2 beta 1 is a built-in antiphishing control. Like Internet Explorer 7 beta 3, Firefox 2 beta 1 will check a Web site for signs that it is not legitimate. Unlike IE 7, which uses heuristics as well as a blocked list, Firefox 2 currently uses only an internal blocked list.

Topic: Browser

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