Images: ReadNotify's tracking service

Images: ReadNotify's tracking service

Summary: HP employed a commercial service to track a reporter's e-mails. Here are screenshots.

TOPICS: Hewlett-Packard

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    During congressional hearings, Hewlett-Packard investigator Fred Adler specified how the company bugged the e-mail it sent to CNET reporter Dawn Kawamoto. HP used the services of, one of several online companies that let people plant bugs in e-mail messages and files. This is a screenshot of the ReadNotify home page.

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    This is a screenshot of the ReadNotify page that instructs users how to send a bugged e-mail. Users of the service register their e-mail addresses with ReadNotify and then simply append "" to any e-mail address they send mail to if they wish the message to be tracked. Recipients won't see this, but could tell from the e-mail headers that the message was relayed.

    ReadNotify also offers plug-ins for various e-mail clients, including Web-based e-mail, to make bugging a message easier.

Topic: Hewlett-Packard

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