Inside the Commodore Pet 2001 vintage computer

Inside the Commodore Pet 2001 vintage computer

Summary: The Commodore PET 2001 was the first fully integrated computer from Commodore. Erik Klein, vintage computer collector and Webmaster of, takes you inside the Commodore PET 2001.

TOPICS: Hardware, CXO

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  • The PET also came with a good collection of software on tape. Some of the tapes have suffered bit-rot, but many are fully or partially readable and much of the software was duplicated. I don't think much has been lost.

    Reprinted with permission from
  • Before I added the working PET to my collection I had purchased another one that was, unfortunately, damaged in transit. Since there was an outstanding claim on the machine I didn't really work with it much and just as the claim was settled I was forced to put the machine into long-term storage.

    When I finally got it back, I was faced with trying to pry open the case since the shipping damage had effectively locked it closed. Once I figured that out, I was able to assess the interior damage to the machine. As it turned out the machine was pretty tough. Blows that were capable of bending the sheet metal of the case did little but unseat some chips, connectors, and cards inside of the unit.

    Realizing that the machine was salvageable I carefully put everything back where it came from and powered on the unit. I was more than surprised to see it run just fine in spite of the cosmetic damage!

    Reprinted with permission from

Topics: Hardware, CXO

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