iPhone Unboxing

iPhone Unboxing

Summary: Photos of the unboxing ritual of the new Apple iPhone. This is an 8GB model purchased at an AT&T corporate store.


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  • I elected to purchase my iPhone at an AT&T store so I got this dandy AT&T bag.

  • This is the rear of the AT&T bag with the disclaimers on it.

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  • Our world. Delivered. It is ours?

    Only if we can afford it. ;) :D
  • Anyone care to chime in

    on what they think of ATT as a service provider?

    Jack-Booted EULA
    • AT&T as a service provider

      I travel for business and have had AT&T since it was AT&T the first time before it
      became Cingular and now AT&T again. I have zero complaints.

      Not only do I use my phone in large cities, airports, and convention centers, but I
      travel the state of Ohio extensively and have no troubles in even the most obscure

      It just works for all of us. We have seven phones operating right now on the
      network and one on Verizon. She is almost through with her contract and will be
      joining our plan in something like 4 more months. Her Verizon service works well
      too (except in our office where she can't even get a signal for some weird reason).

      So, no complaints here. Can't wait for my iPhone. 3 more days!!!
      • AT&T just showing how bad they really are

        I switched from Verizon to the original AT&T, due to in network calling. Then when they merged with Cingular, everybody I knew switched to Verizon, due to the drop in quality of the service. I could be in my car talking on the phone and as soon as I hit a certain spot I would lose service, everyone I knew on Cingular had the same problem. And this was on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, a zone I would drive through at least twice a day. When I called Cingular about the problem I was told they were aware of the problem and were working on fixing it. After 3 months of dealing with this I ended up canceling my Cingular service early, and paying, so I could go back to Verizon and have had no problems since.
  • Jeebus on opposing reciprocatory pogo sticks!

    The more packaging material, teh better, right?

    Jack-Booted EULA
  • At first.....

    I thought this was going to be a joke. Sort of like an SNL commercial of the iPhone....but it never got funny. <br>
    I mean, no offense meant, but this seemed hard to imagine. Two shots of just the at&t BAG! wooooweee! <br>
    I'm sure anyone that wants one and hasn't gotten one did appreciate a few of these shots, which would have been sufficient.
    • You don't understand how critical packaging is

      Apple feels that the shopping and unpacking experience is more important than functionality. If you examine the craftsmanship of the AT&T bag, you will notice that the feng shui is very strong in the lines of the bag and the curves of the logo. I actually noticed right away how much calmer and happier I was after looking at the second picture of the bag. In fact... it kind of makes me want to... buy... iPhone. Must... buy... iPhone. Apple... is... teh... best. Microsoft... evil. xuniL_z, why do you hate Apple so much? Don't you realize that Micro$oft $UX!!! YOU ARE EVIL!! I HATE YOU!!!11!!1one1!!! ;)
      • now that you mention it.....

        i find myself drawn more an more. I'm discoving the truth i've been missing all along....ah hell with it. If I want an Apple product, I'll buy a nice ASUS with Vista Ultimate and be done with it. I like the ASUS G2S-A1 (or as Apple users call it, the macbook pro :)) and it's price. A few things do keep me from committing. The hard drive size/speed and esp. the way it's partitioned. <br>
        Do you have any personal experience or know anything about asus notebooks?
        • Never had an Asus notebook

          Sorry, although I've always been 100% satisfied with their motherboards.
          • thanks.

            I'm fairly removed from the hardware world theze days. Sounds like they are a popular ODM.
          • ASUS ODM stuff is usually top notch

            I had the pleasure of using a company ASUS-branded notebook a couple of years ago
            on a contract job between the times at a major Kansas City-based financial services
            company. It had the fit and finish that an Apple or a Sony would have (in fact, it was
            anodized aluminum, just like the powerbooks of the same era). Another contractor I
            was working with dropped his twice, and it kept on ticking.
  • Unboxing exitement

    Well that kept me glued to the screen and I really missed your caption on the final shot! In the UK we'd describe that activity as unpacking but we don't got no guns. Think I'll introduce depacking to the Queen's own language.

    You should try that again with other products like a 48 inch TV or a child's doll. Truly fascinating.

    May your iphone never make you moan.

    Tonywit - Warrington - United Kingdom
    • It's a Mac thing...

      It's a Mac thing, Apple fans are notorious for posting photo albums of them unpacking their Mac. I would imagine it's in part because Apple puts as much effort into the design of the packaging as they do the product itself.
  • deboxing is curiously amusing

    but it steals the thunder from the actual buyer- which isnt me. Im wating for version #2, which will be debugged, have larger memory and be cheaper.

    For me the iPhone would be the exact next step after pagers.All of the technology was there in the 70's.
    • Number porting is actually handled company to company

      but AT&T is notorious for taking way too long to get your cell phone number,
      especially since they're trying to integrate their switching networks from all of their
      acquisitions (read - takeovers and recombination of the Bell system).