Lenovo's Windows 7 lineup of IdeaPad, IdeaCentre PCs dazzle

Lenovo's Windows 7 lineup of IdeaPad, IdeaCentre PCs dazzle

Summary: Lenovo has revealed its new Windows 7-powered lineup of IdeaPad laptop computers and IdeaCentre desktop systems, and the consumer lines are positioned to visually thrill. Here's a look.


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  • Not bad but Apple still much better

    No one else can hold a candle to them, but Some of these PC companies must be getting an ear bashing from MS to come up with some stuff that competes with the Cupertino Style Kings(even the name where Apple comes from is trendy)

    If they think flowers & wave swirls are going to get people interested they have another thing coming.
    • How do you know?

      "Not bad but Apple still much better"

      Better in what way? Faster? More affordable? Lighter? Better features?

      I'm very interested in your comments - how do you know these things? Or by "better" do you just mean better-looking?

      • he does not know

        Hope he means looks...and that too his opinion ! lol...anyway, now I am confused which one should i go for Sony, HP and Dell were what I was checking out for and now Lenovo...i guess i will try i7 processors from Intel..
      • How do you know?

        I know some MacPro fanboys and girls and it is so funny how they complain at how HEAVY those things are compared to my ultra light WEIGHT Lenovo X300 with W7, but they will lug that Mac just because it is 'cool,' yet is doesn't have anything near the flexibily of apps and utilty my Lenovo does. If Steve Jobs tells them to lug a solid lead laptop they will do it.
  • RE: Biggest Disappointment

    What I don't see in any of these screen shots is a Track Pointer (the little mouse nub in the center of the keyboard). I have a Lenovo laptop at work with one, and I have to say it's light years ahead of a normal touchpad. Can't find this feature on too many other laptops either, but personally I love it.
    • Light-years ahead?

      Actualy, IBM Think Pad systems had the track point about 10 years ago. I like the track point better than touch pad and also hate the fact that less systems have them but just to be clear, track point's are old.

      I love them becasue they allow you, if you can type that is, to not move your hand from the home row every time you need to move the mouse. Saves time for me at least.