Linux Mint 9

Linux Mint 9

Summary: What’s the big deal about Linux Mint and why is it so popular among Linux users? It includes a number of improvements and tweaks that aren’t set up out-of-the-box in the base Ubuntu distribution.


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  • Linux Mint 9 is a minty fresh new spin on Ubuntu 10.04.

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  • Linux Mint 9 uses Nautilus 2.30 from GNOME.

  • Linux Mint uses the "SLAB" menuing paradigm from openSUSE and SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop.

Topics: Operating Systems, Linux, Open Source, Software


Jason Perlow, Sr. Technology Editor at ZDNet, is a technologist with over two decades of experience integrating large heterogeneous multi-vendor computing environments in Fortune 500 companies. Jason is currently a Partner Technology Strategist with Microsoft Corp. His expressed views do not necessarily represent those of his employer.

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  • RE: Linux Mint 9

    Mint is exceptional.

    The KDE version is much better. Great for those who are new to Linux or who want to try it out. Everything you need/want 'out of the box'.
    Tim Patterson
  • Someday...

    ... when Linux runs applications beyond email and web browsing - I may consider it.
    • RE: Linux Mint 9

      what exactly are you looking for? I am a traditional Windows user, but i have been experimenting with Linux for the past year and they have apps for plenty, though i do security and most apps for me are built on linux. But what i can use, i can use wine and run other stuff. I still keep Windows OS for games though.
      • RE: Linux Mint 9


        I like Mint! But I still haven't found a Linux equivalent of Quicken that will interface with my bank, quality survey research programs like Survey System or Sawtooth Ci3, or complete business accounting systems like Peachtree. And I haven't found a driver to make it work with my laser all-in-one networked printer.

        Linux is known for performing on low power hardware, but once Wine is added you need the horsepower of Windows, or more. I'd rather just boot one of my Windows computers to get my real work done. I'm hoping that will change over time.
    • RE: Someday

      @trance2tec You mean like: burning cds/dvds, editing pictures, playing music/videos?
      • RE: Linux Mint 9

        @texanator I bet it's computer games that require DirectX. My personal server runs Linux 24/7. Web page, email, file sharing, network printer server, etc.
  • RE: Linux Mint 9

    I still think that Linux is for geeks, not ordinary people.
    • RE: Linux Mint 9

      my 91 yr old grandmother who uses it without most fear of viruses would beg to differ.
      • 91yo Grandmother uses Linux! Cool! :D

        @tiderulz That's Awesome! I have volunteered for Catholic Family Services and other organizations teaching computer and Internet technology to senior citizens. I love them, because they are usually freshly into using computers and actually have more open minds than young people set on the look, gadgetry and snob appeal of Apple or Microsoft products only.
      • RE: Linux Mint 9

        I am 79, and I also beg to differ.
        People like antalves yak on about something they have not tried.
  • RE: Linux Mint 9

    Way back, several years ago, I tried to use Ubuntu Linux, but at the time, I was in College for Graphic Design and alas the stupid Adobe products just didn't work right, even (at the time) trying to use Wine etc to find solutions... Now however, I have several computers, and while I may keep windows for my design (or Mac when I can afford one :-) I think I will try Mint for my laptop, as I really miss Linux, and loved it when I had it! Thank you for all your input by the way!
  • RE: Linux Mint 9

    Is it possible to install Linux Mint inside Windows, a la Ubuntu via WUBI? I have a 7 year old Toshiba running Ubuntu and XP that way (only 1 GB RAM)

    Potential target machine for Linux Mint is my Acer AspireOne netbook with Windows 7 Home Premium. I had Ubuntu running in Virtual Box on it and VB is still installed, though without any virtual machines at present. If I go the virtual machine route how much of my 2GB memory should I set aside for Linux Mint?
    • RE: Linux Mint 9

      @bunkport :
      i used 512mb with sun-vb and it worked fine for me. its a very light load. i did have some 3d graphics issues here and there but all in all i like it enough to create a 40gig partition and install it along side windows 7
  • RE: Linux Mint 9

    This is a stupid question though... do i have to save all my info i already have on my laptop, either to an external hard drive, or discs, such as my photos, etc... or can i install Linux, and it keep my files? The last computer I had it on wasn't being used for much, so didn't have to worry about it. Just curious
    • RE: Linux Mint 9


      Mint makes it easy to partition your disk and dual boot to either operating system. You files, programs, etc. will be there when you boot into Windows. And Mint can work with many files on your Windows partition via programs such as OpenOffice.
  • RE: Linux Mint 9

    I have been a Linux User for about 2-Years now. In that 2-Year span The Distro's have come so far along it's crazy. I like to run the LXDE or XFCE Desktop's because of the low resources they use. I find Gnome & KDE are too "Fluffy" and bog down the system. I run Mint 9 XFCE on my P-III laptop (with only 256MB RAM) and Mint 9 LXDE on my Sun workstation with (2)-AMD Opteron 64Bit 2.0GHZ CPU's and 1GB RAM. Both releases run great. Very easy to config and Add or Remove Software. Keep up the great developments!!