Panelists gather at PC Forum 2006

Panelists gather at PC Forum 2006

Summary: RealNetworks CEO Rob Glaser is one of many high-profile attendees at this year's PC Forum.

TOPICS: PCs, Hardware

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  • Dyson and Omidyar

    Esther Dyson interviews Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay, about creating businesses that improve the quality of life.

  • Marooney and Benioff

    Caryn Marooney of Outcast and CEO Marc Benioff chat at PC Forum 2006. The theme this year is "Erosion of Power: Users in charge."

  • Nelson and Benioff

    Friendly competitors Zach Nelson, CEO of NetSuite, and Marc Benioff of chat at the 2006 PC Forum in Carlsbad, Calif. Topics this year center on offering consumers more control and greater choice.

Topics: PCs, Hardware

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