Photo: Fujitsu lines up skinny Q notebook

Photo: Fujitsu lines up skinny Q notebook

Summary: Thin, light LifeBook Q2010 laptop is part of line for traveling executives.

TOPICS: Laptops, Hardware

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  • LifeBook Q2010

    Fujitsu announced on Tuesday its LifeBook Q2010, a 2.2-pound model that's the first of the company's new Q series of thin, light notebooks geared to traveling executives. The system uses the Intel Core processor and will be available in the summer of 2006.

  • The E8110 laptop

    The new E8110 LifeBook, also launched Tuesday, features Intel's Core Duo processors and weighs 5.9 pounds. The display measures 15 inches. The laptop will cost $1,249.

  • E8210 notebook

    This E8210 version of the LifeBook also comes in at 5.9 pounds and has the Core Duo chip inside, but has a larger 15.4-inch wide-screen display. Fujitsu has not announced pricing for the notebook yet.

Topics: Laptops, Hardware

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