Photo: Intel inside RIM's BlackBerry

Photo: Intel inside RIM's BlackBerry

Summary: Research In Motion introduces the BlackBerry 8700c, the first RIM device to be produced in partnership with Intel.


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    Research In Motion unveiled the BlackBerry 8700c on Nov. 1. It is the first version of its e-mail handheld produced through a recent partnership with Intel. The device will be available starting Nov. 21 through Cingular Wireless for $299 and carry information over next-generation EDGE wireless networks.

  • PalmOne aimed to sharpen its image with the launch of the Treo 650 in October 2004. The smart-phone update, a chief rival to the new BlackBerry 8700c, has a higher-resolution screen and a faster processor than the previous top-of-the-line model, the Treo 600.

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