Photos: A 747 over rural Washington

Photos: A 747 over rural Washington

Summary: A low-flying JAL aircraft makes a surprise appearance over a two-lane highway.

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  • JAL 747

    The last thing one might expect to see while driving down a two-lane highway in the middle of rural Washington state is a JAL 747 flying low overhead, circling, landing and then taking off again. But it turns out that for 38 years, JAL has maintained a pilot's training center at the Grant County International Airport, as has FedEx.

  • FedEx landing

    At the Grant County International Airport in Moses Lake, Wash., on June 27, a pilot training on a FedEx 727 lands before immediately taking off again.

  • FedEx plane takes off

    As part of the pilot's training, the trainee flying this FedEx 727 takes off, circles around, lands and then takes off again without even stopping.

Topic: Travel Tech

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