Photos: 'All in' for 'Graveyard Games'

Photos: 'All in' for 'Graveyard Games'

Summary: Dozens of gamers assembled at a graveyard to play the next installment of a larger game, "Last Call Poker."

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  • Awarding Prizes

    "Graveyard Games" organizer Jane McGonigal hands out vintage decks of playing cards to the winners of the Tombstone Hold 'Em poker tournament Oct. 15, 2005, in Colma, Calif.

  • Lots of Players

    Dozens of participants in the first "Graveyard Games" walk through rows of headstones toward the game's gathering point.

  • Offering to Little Boy

    The game's final instructions were for participants to gather around the grave of a little boy and pay homage by offering 500 or more "Last Call Poker" chips. The number donated turned out to be a fateful 666.

Topic: Processors

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