Photos: Chasing the X Prize Cup

Photos: Chasing the X Prize Cup

Summary: Three competitions with $2.5 million in prizes for future space technology highlight this year's Wirefly X Prize Cup.

TOPICS: Telcos

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  • Rocket plane

    The Rocket Racing League, advertised as NASCAR in the sky, will show off the Mark-1 racer. Organizers are building planes to race on a 3D racetrack in the sky--complete with television and ads galore. Shown is a prototype of a Rocket Racer.

  • Rocket Truck

    Tom Pickens wanted a little extra power on his 2003 Chevy SS pickup so he fitted it with a nitrous-oxide powered hyrbrid rocket engine that produces 2,750 pounds of thrust. It will give a 3/4G "kick."

  • Google Earth

    Space lovers will have many extras available for their Google Earths. Included are views of the Hubble telescope, Martian rovers and Apollo 11. Here is the X Prize site in New Mexico.

Topic: Telcos

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