Photos: Click here for new digital cameras

Photos: Click here for new digital cameras

Summary: New cameras for professionals, amateurs and even eBay sellers debut at the Photo Marketing Association show.

TOPICS: Hardware

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  • Canon EOS 30d

    Canon's high-end new model is the EOS 30D digital SLR camera, an 8.2-megapixel model that can take up to 30 JPEG images in a 5-frames-per-second burst mode.

  • Casio EX-Z850

    Casio boasts that its new trio of digital cameras are eBay ready--with an eBay Best Shot mode that takes images that are sized for eBay. The EX-Z850 takes 8.1 megapixel photos with a 3X optical zoom. It has both manual aperture and shutter speed adjustments for advanced users and retails for $399.

  • Olympus E330

    Olympus has already introduced its E-330 digital SLR camera using the mirror box unit and sensor it developed with Panasonic. It features "live" viewing through the Color LCD and advanced swivel capability so you can capture results from top to bottom and in-between.

Topic: Hardware

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