Photos: Computational couture

Photos: Computational couture

Summary: The "Seamless" fashion show features a dress made from recycled cassette tapes, among other technology-based garb.


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  • Dark Watch

    Programmer and designer John Rothenberg's "Dark Watch" is a mobile communication device that takes the form of a watch but modulates according to an interval of time set by the user. The LED display embedded in a silicon rubber is intended to communicate forbidden information in a semi-public, encoded form.

  • Hoodie

    "Heartbeat Hoodie" by Diana Eng incorporates a digital camera that takes photographs as your heart rate increases. It uses a wireless heart rate monitor and a basic stamp algorithm. Heartbeat Hoodie is intended as a form of involuntary blogging, says the creator, a recently ousted contestant on the reality TV show "Project Runway."

  • taptap

    Leonardo Bonanni, Jeff Lieberman, Cati Vaucelle and Orit Zuckerman created a wearable accessory called taptap that can record and play back signals that mimic affectionate human contact. Flexible touch circuits can be placed in modular pockets within the scarf to record and play back the pressure of touch, the warmth of contact or the percussion of a friendly tap.

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