Photos: Createc gadgets galore

Photos: Createc gadgets galore

Summary: Createc, Aisa's largest electronics trade show this year, featured gadgets that could find their way into your house.

TOPICS: Mobility

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  • Media Robot

    At the 2005 edition of the Ceatec show in Tokyo, the new gadgets are sleek--and sometimes just plain cute. This is Hitachi's Media Robot, a voice-controlled device that recommends TV shows according to a person's viewing habits.

  • fuel cell

    Gadgetry on display from Toshiba includes a prototype of the Gigabeat music player packed with a direct methanol fuel cell. The company has said that a 300-milliwatt version of the fuel cell could power a hard-drive-based player for approximately 60 hours on a single charge.

  • fuel cell

    The fuel cell technology, still in prototype, also fits cell phones. Toshiba expects commercial products to be available in 2007.

Topic: Mobility

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