Photos: Dunn testifies at HP hearing

Photos: Dunn testifies at HP hearing

Summary: Congressional panel hears about the pretexting scandal from former chairman, one of few who didn't plead the Fifth.

TOPICS: Hewlett-Packard

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  • Patricia Dunn testifies

    Patricia Dunn, former chairman of Hewlett-Packard, testifies Thursday before a subcommittee of the House of Representatives on the company's probe into media leaks.

    A chief topic: the probe's use of pretexting, a deceptive method for acquiring the personal records of individuals. Beside her is HP's outside counsel, Larry Sonsini.

  • Lineup of witnesses

    The House panel called on a number of people from within HP's executive ranks, as well as outside investigators. Before the questioning got to Dunn, many exercised their Fifth Amendment right not to provide testimony.

    Here, from left, are Anthony Gentilucci, of HP's Global Security Investigations; Ronald DeLia, of Security Outsourcing Solutions; Joe Depante, of Action Research Group; Kevin Hunsaker, who resigned last week as HP's senior counsel; Ann Baskins, who resigned Thursday morning as HP's general counsel; Valerie Preston, of a company called In Search Of; Bryan Wagner, of Littleton, Colo.; and Charles Kelly, of Villa Rica, Ga.

Topic: Hewlett-Packard

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