Photos: En route to a healthier life

Photos: En route to a healthier life

Summary: Steve Vaught, a once 400-pound San Diego-area man, is more than halfway through his cross-country trek to lose weight and gain perspective.

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  • Vaught and lighter pack

    In Oklahoma, Steve Vaught spreads out all 55 to 60 pounds of provisions he had been carrying on his cross-country trek to lose weight. Vaught lightened his load to about 16 pounds using high-tech gear and other techniques.

  • Vaught with core load

    Around Halloween, Vaught lightened his core load to about 16 pounds. With gadgets added, the pack weighed about 23 pounds.

  • Vaught's Web site

    Thousands of Web community members keep track of Vaught's progress via this page on his Web site. He's made it so far to Rolla, Mo.

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